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Shad SH23 Case kit - Lateral

Shad SH23 Case kit - Lateral

Shipped by : SHAD USA CO.

Complete kit contains : 1x Case Brackets (031770) 1x Cases (031834)
Case Brackets : (031770) =
Stand type : SHAD Side Case | Compatible Brand : Fits BMW | Hardware included : Yes
Cases : (031834) =
Position : Lateral | Capacity : 20 L | Helmet capacity : 0 | Locking system : Yes | Brake light included : Yes | Backrest : No | Color : Black | Weight : 5 kg | Height : 49.2 cm | Width : 26.5 cm | Length : 34.5 cm | Number : 031834
$552.98 - 10 %

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Please note : Peterborough Cycle Salvage ONLY sells and ships in Canada.

Part number :KK00007181
Item 1: Cases
The SH23 cases, with aerodynamic lines, are very light. Versatile and with great functionality. Compact and very resistant, they are 100% Barcelona Design. They are side cases with a 20 L capacity
  • Patented. For its exclusivity and market innovation..
  • Easy to mount.
  • Quick and easy disassembling with 3P System.
  • High Resistance: High quality reinforced polypropylene
  • One single key for the whole cases set (included)
  • Contains two Cases.

    Item 2: Case Brackets
    The 3P mounting kit stands out for its light weight, its sleek design and its great flexibility and ease of use.

    • Integrated design: The 3P kit is much better integrated with the bike. The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a single arm which supports the three points (3P) needed to fix the side case.
    • Position: Both the volume of the case and the angle of the 3P system have been designed to shift the luggage’s weight as much as possible towards the bike’s center of gravity. This grants higher security and stability when driving with full load.
    • Aerodynamic: Using 3 points provides both safety and flexibility. This is reflected on a slight swinging of the case, which lets the air to flow easily around it, avoiding the “anchor” effect of a typical flat and rigid case.
    * Does not fit with SH42 and SH43 (SIDE MASTER System)


    List of additional OEM numbers :

    • None