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Shad SH36 Case kit - Lateral

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Shad SH36 Case kit - Lateral

Shipped by : Kimpex

Complete kit contains : 1x Case Brackets (047239) 1x Cases (031677)
Case Brackets : (047239) =
Stand type : SHAD Side Case | Compatible Brand : Fits Suzuki | Hardware included : Yes
Cases : (031677) =
Position : Lateral | Capacity : 36 L | Helmet capacity : 1 Modular Helmet XXL | Locking system : Yes | Brake light included : Yes | Backrest : No | Color : Black | Weight : 10 kg | Height : 33 cm | Width : 38 cm | Length : 49 cm | Number : 031677
$1,183.98 - 10 %

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Please note : Peterborough Cycle Salvage ONLY sells and ships in Canada.

Part number :KK00007303
Item 1: Cases
SH36 Side cases with capacity for a modular helmet size XXL and lightness weight compared to other panniers.

Their innovative shapes set trends and offer an elegant, sophisticated and innovative design, which remarks the aerodynamic line and aesthetic details.
One of the most important features of the new SH36 is the side fitting kit, 3P System, which is characterized by its integrated and lightweight design.
Contains two Cases.

Item 2: Case Brackets
Designed and engineered 100% in Barcelona to mount the TERRA side cases, it is also compatible with the SH35 and SH36 side cases. It is a stainless steel structure covered with high resistant powder coated paint. Thanks to its 20 mm diameter, the thickest on the market, it provides maximum durability and resistance to both sides that is also reinforced with a crossbar for the most extreme rides.

Once you have our 4P system installed in your bike you can use our TERRA side cases.

Keep in mind you'd need to use our TR36 model on the exhaust pipe side


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