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Shad SH47 Case kit - Rear

Shad SH47 Case kit - Rear

Shipped by : SHAD USA CO.

Complete kit contains : 1x Case Brackets (031758) 1x Cases (031150)
Case Brackets : (031758) =
Stand type : SHAD Top Case | Compatible Brand : Fits BMW | Hardware included : Yes
Cases : (031150) =
Position : Rear | Helmet capacity : 2 | Locking system : Yes | Brake light included : Yes | Backrest : No | Color : Black | Height : 42 cm | Width : 57.5 cm | Length : 31.2 cm | Number : 031150
$465.98 - 10 %

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Please note : Peterborough Cycle Salvage ONLY sells and ships in Canada.

Part number :KK00007757
Item 1: Cases
The SH47 is a top case designed in Barcelona and built on an aggressive aerodynamic shape, it features a modern and sleek look. Its size is perfect for moving around the city or for longer rides, which allows it to be adapted both to scooters and to medium and big cylinder motorcycles.

SH47 top case resists extreme temperatures and protects the internal gear from snow and rain. Made with high-quality reinforced polypropylene, it has capacity to hold 2 full-face helmets, plus travel accessories.

The security offered by the “Handle Lock System” ensures a double lock: on one hand, it locks the case to the motorcycle and, on the other hand, it locks the case itself. The integrated carrying handle allows carrying the case in an easy and simple way once removed from the bike, without the need to leave the keys in the lock.

The SH47’s central reflector can be found in two different colours: Red and white. As accessories, the Top Case offers: the backrest (D0RI47), the inner bag (X0IB00), the brake LED light (D0B40KL) and different cover colours available to equip the motorbike.

  • Capacity to hold to full-face helmets
  • Carbon look cover included
  • Handle Lock System (patented)
  • Lock with carrying handle integrated
  • Water resistance in bad weather conditions and resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Made with high-quality reinforced polypropylene
  • Aerodynamic, modern and sleek design
Item 2: Case Brackets
The SHAD Top Master fitting allows mounting a top case onto the motorcycle. It is a fitting specifically designed for each motorcycle model, taking into account its features. The result is a high quality product, comfortable, safe, and easy to assemble and disassemble.


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