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Shad SH48 Case kit - Top

Shad SH48 Case kit - Top

Shipped by : SHAD USA CO. and SHAD USA CO.

Complete kit contains : 1x Case Brackets (031913) 1x Cases (047019)
Case Brackets : (031913) =
Stand type : SHAD Top Case | Compatible Brand : Fits Honda | Hardware included : Yes
Cases : (047019) =
Position : Top | Capacity : 48 L | Helmet capacity : 2 Full Face Helmets | Locking system : Yes | Brake light included : No | Backrest : No | Color : Dark Grey | Number : 047019
$775.98 - 10 %

- +

Hurry! Only 2 left in stock!

Please note : Peterborough Cycle Salvage ONLY sells and ships in Canada.

Part number :KK00008485
Item 1: Cases
  • SHAD creates a high quality product, which satisfies all the market demands, with the maximum features.
  • With the highest capacity (it holds two big full face helmets plus kit) and the minimum weight (3,7kg) for comfy riding that cuts down on support and chassis vibrations.
  • Its upper and lower parts make it a very useful and complete accessory.
  • It's the only one available on the market with these features.

Item 2: Case Brackets
The SHAD Top Master fitting allows mounting a top case onto the motorcycle. It is a fitting specifically designed for each motorcycle model, taking into account its features. The result is a high quality product, comfortable, safe, and easy to assemble and disassemble.


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