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HMF PERFORMANCE Dobeck AFR & GEN 4 Fuel Controller

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HMF PERFORMANCE Dobeck AFR & GEN 4 Fuel Controller

Shipped by : Kimpex and Kimpex

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Fits Yamaha

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Part number :085264
The AFR+ brings together two technologies within one system to make it the most powerful, user-friendly tuning device on the market. AFR+ combines an EFI controller with a wideband O2 sensor and AFR gauge to provide a user instant fuel trimming ability and feedback about their vehicle's state of tune.

Compliments all fueling solutions:
The AFR+ can handle ALL your fueling needs or COMPLIMENT ECU downloads or already installed EFI controllers. The AFR gauge allows you to KNOW exactly how well your tune-up is performing. The EFI fueling allows you to CONTROL any necessary fine tuning without spending more money or valuable time.

On-the-Fly Tuning:
Push button interface to adjust 6 different modes 4 LEDs to indicate current operating zone Instant adjustment while you are out riding

Fully Programmable:
The AFR+ is programmable using an IrDA adapter. Setups are developed through an online tuning environment called POWERLAB. The AFR+ can be changed to be an add-on fuel trimmer or a complete EFI controller.

No Dyno Required:
Users can make adjustments out on the road. KNOW your AFR with the gauge and then CONTROL the fuel trims. AFR+ makes a novice an expert tuner.

Open & Closed Loop:
Uses DP's Load Based Technology to break down a vehicle's drive cycle into easy to understand adjustment zones. Full range and automatic tuning available to target the user's desired AFR value.

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Barcode :842345102083

  • Supplier number :644752360005

  • Kimpex catalog number :085264


List of additional OEM numbers :

  • None
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