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Pro Taper ACF Handlebar MX Carmichael

Pro Taper ACF Handlebar MX Carmichael

Shipped by : Kimpex


1 1/8"


Aluminum, Carbon fiber

Handlebar pads included:





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Please note : Peterborough Cycle Salvage ONLY sells and ships in Canada.

Part number :349018
Carbon Core:

Unlike traditional carbon fiber fabric, unidirectional carbon fiber is unwoven. Its fibers run parallel to one another in a single direction. This allows the fibers to lay completely flat with no gaps between them. These densely concentrated fibers provide unidirectional carbon fiber with maximum longitudinal tensile strength—typically twice that of a traditional carbon fiber weave. ProTaper® ACF Handlebars use a revolutionary unidirectional carbon fiber core system to reinforce the aluminum tubing. The added strength allows the aluminum tubing wall thickness to be safely reduced in key areas, greatly decreasing weight and producing unrivaled impact-absorbing flex.


The four-stroke era has pushed motocross technology forward at an unprecedented pace. As a result, handlebars are quickly becoming crowded with hydraulic clutches, ignition mapping switches, electric starters, and more. With their innovative Control+ design, ProTaper® ACF Handlebars are the first to address this growing concern. Control+ features 220 millimeters of control space—up to 40 millimeters more than conventional 1⅛" handlebar designs.

  • The first carbon fiber-reinforced aluminum handlebar for motocross
  • Revolutionary Carbon Core system uses lightweight and exceptionally strong unidirectional carbon fiber cores to reinforce the aluminum tubing and safely reduce its wall thickness in key areas
  • Precise reductions in the aluminum tubing wall thickness significantly decrease weight and produce unrivaled impact-absorbing flex
  • Lightest 1⅛" motocross handlebar—up to 20% lighter than conventional 1⅛" designs
  • 7000 series aluminum alloy offers superior tensile, yield, and fatigue strengths
  • Advanced shot peened, stress-relieved, and anodized finish delivers exceptional durability
  • Innovative Control+ design brings motocross handlebars into the modern era, providing more space for controls, mapping switches, and electric starters than ever before

List of part numbers that are compatible with the Kimpex number :

  • Barcode :9999999989

  • Supplier number :022081

  • Kimpex catalog number :349018


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  • None
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